Design Goal G

Consider the visual effect of Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

All Proponents are required to comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. Given that radiocommunications facilities by their very nature have to be located on high structures, access and maintenance must be undertaken in safe conditions.

OH & S requirements result in additional built structures on sites which contribute to their overall visual effect. These structures include ladders, climbing pegs, handrails and rooftop walkways. Cable trays are also required to cover exposed cabling.

Occupational Health and Safety issues result in the need to ensure that antennas are located so that they can be accessed and maintained safely without people walking in front of antennas or requiring other Proponents to switch off their equipment. This often means that antennas are located close to the edge of rooftops which increases the visibility of a facility.

Design Opportunity

  • Investigate the installation of collapsible climbing peg mounts or remove them altogether
  • Situate OH&S equipment such as ladders, handrails, climbing cages and walkways to minimize their visual effect.
  • Consider alternative design opportunities for OH&S equipment to minimize visual effect.