The Antenna Siting Design Framework Guide (the Design Guide) provides a structured process to document and assess the landscape context for a proposed antenna system. Once all of the information has been inputted describing the landscape context, the Design Guide generates a framework that provides design considerations to be used in order to minimize the visibility of the proposed antenna system at the identified site location.

The Design Guide provides a framework to inform the design of antenna systems. It does not provide specific details regarding how the proposed antenna system should be designed and implemented. A number of design opportunities however, have been identified as a result of the research, analysis and consultation undertaken by the ASDF project. These design opportunities can provide practical guidance regarding how the design framework generated by the Design Guide can be implemented.

These design opportunities range from practices that can be readily deployed with minimal change to current equipment or Proponent site acquisition processes, to requiring a significant shift in current Proponent approaches.

See Design Goal A