Why was the ASDF Project Initiated?

The visual effect of antenna system infrastructure is an issue of concern to some sectors of the community, however, 89% of Canadians expect to be able to make a call on their mobile phone from anywhere at any time. With the increased demand from the community and business sectors for access to reliable mobile device technology and network coverage, comes the need for the deployment of more antenna systems. More antenna systems will result in a continuing visual effect on our urban and rural landscapes.

In response to the need to better address the visual effect of antenna system infrastructure, CRINS-SINRC initiated the Antenna Siting Design Framework (ASDF) Project and sought out best practices from other countries with a similar level of mobile device usage and regulatory regimes. CRINS-SINRC staff interviewed and posed questions to both existing members as well as municipal and provincial representatives and sought out practices from other organizations with a stake in the industry including Engineers Canada, Proponents, Industry Canada, and European operators and government agencies.

The Antenna Siting Design Framework is a project to proactively improve consultation and communication with local government and the community and continually improve the deployment of antenna systems. Other examples of projects initiated by CRINS-SINRC include:

  • CRINS-SINRC Code of Best Practice; and
  • the CRINS-SINRC e-Consultation system.