What was the Scope for the Project?

Essentially, the Antenna Siting Design Framework project aimed to address the following two key issues:

  1. The equipment–that is, the design of the different elements which comprise an antenna system including the antennas, antenna mounts and cabling, support pole or towers and equipment shelter or cabinet; and
  2. The location, or site suitability assessment - that is, identifying what issues need to be taken into account in what location in order to understand and address the visual effect of proposed facilities through appropriate design responses.

Importantly, the underlying basis of the project was the understanding that achieving better visual outcomes is not necessarily about disguising or camouflaging a facility, but rather about improving the compatibility of the antenna system with its surrounding environment by considering all factors that contribute to its visual effect.

Innovative designs or camouflage designs are not always necessary or offer the only way of reducing the visual effect of mobile phone infrastructure. For the majority of sites, a similar outcome in terms of the resulting visual effect may be achievable by taking other design issues into account. For example, using vegetation to screen a monopole, color matching antennas, or setting back rooftop antennas from the edge of a building’s roof.