4. Consultation with the Public

The purpose of consultation with the public is to explain the nature of the radiocommunications site, describe what the site will look like, and to answer questions and concerns from the public about aspects of the site such as access routes, noise or delays caused during construction, lighting and painting of the structure, and often to address health concerns over electromagnetic energy (EME) exposure.

While many of the questions and concerns posed by the public are common questions and can be quickly addressed, local knowledge of the area allows the public to ask questions that may expose unique characteristics of the area surrounding a proposed radiocommunications site. These questions may give the proponent the opportunity to reflect on design choices such as the tower design or other visual amenity related aspects such as the type and color of fencing or vegetation around a structure.

Two of the most prevalent concerns brought forward by the public regarding communications towers and antenna systems revolve around health and safety issues and visual amenity.

Proponents are required to answer questions and respond to concerns expressed by the public during the consultation process. The timelines for posing questions/comments and the response timelines for proponents to respond are outlined in the relevant LUA consultation protocol or if no LUA protocol is in force, Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISEDC)'s Default Consultation Protocol.